'We're in The Band' by Will Bowden

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We're In The Band - cover artwork.jpgThere are reportedly more than 4 million guitar players in the UK alone. Around 0.5% of these musicians have achieved recognition beyond a 10 mile radius from their homes. We’re in the Band is for all the rest.

A tale of one man’s journey from bedroom hero to bottom of the bill support act, We’re in the Band is a story of cheap guitars, mullets, drummers without drum kits, Transit vans, soundproofing with egg-boxes and the difficulties of being a Man of Rock while living with one’s mum.

We’re in the Band is for all musicians who have boldly struck out on the road to fame and fortune only to be defeated by bad luck or an absolute lack of talent. While most rock biographies tell of drugs, sex, hotel rooms and classic albums, this one reflects the experience of those who have shouted “Hello Tokyo” from the stage of an empty village hall.

If you have ever been in a band or known anyone in a band, this book is for you. Unlike the biographies of the famous, We’re in the Band reveals the real truth behind the search for rock glory.

When not throwing guitar hero shapes in his garage, Will Bowden is Associate Professor of Roman Archaeology at the University of Nottingham. He excavates mainly in Albania and Norfolk and has published a large number of books and scholarly articles, although We’re in the Band is his first book that readers might actually enjoy. He has never played at Hammersmith Odeon although has not accepted that he never will.

Will Bowden is available for interview (07733 104737) will.bowden@nottingham.ac.uk