Music industry maverick Alan McGee has announced three new signings to 359 Music, with each set to release their debut singles for the label throughout April and May 2014.

The Creation Records and Poptones founder’s latest signings are Nottingham-based chanteuse/songwriter Jaq Gallier, French indietronica artist Sourya and London-based American retro-pop artist Ms Moxy.

Joining forces with Cherry Red Records in 2013, McGee’s said, “The aim for 359 Music isn’t to the biggest, like Creation. It’s about putting out great music by new artists and ignored older talent that have been shut out by the system."

The new 359 Music signings are:

SOURYA - ‘Winterwind’ (single to be released on 7th April 2014)

Elegant and cool, French indietronica artist Sourya somehow found himself hailed as the brightest future of new electro-pop. Back in 2009, critics swooned over Sourya’s “Daft Punk meets Brian Wilson” concept, encapsulated on debut album Dawdlewalk. The new decade looked fantastic. But then Sourya’s got distracted by parenthood and record business disillusionment. Undaunted, he worked on songs for other artists (Sporto Kantes, Dombrance, Call Me Senor) and played on a unique, otherworldly night with an orchestra.

In the ensuing half-decade, Sourya worked on new ideas. The resulting down-tempo music oscillates in its lyrical mood between hope, acceptance and loss, achieving a musical richness with only minimal shifts of instrumentation. There is a simple but majestic quality in ‘Winterwind’, issued as a limited EP at the end of 2012 in France. It’s a delicate song of subtle nuances, betraying Sourya’s love of Ennio Morricone's romanticism. ‘Winterwind’ is now reworked for release through 359 Music in 2014, with a second single ‘My Enemy’ to follow.

You don't have to spend long listening to Sourya's music to understand why Daft Punk consider him a true songwriter and a magnificent singer (Thomas Bangalter advised on Sourya’s arrangements). Sourya will tour as a two-piece band later this year. Expect fat beats, analogue synths and heartbroken songs enveloped in a minimal approach.

“Parisian pop music at its best, as loved by Daft Punk” - Alan McGee

JAQ GALLIER - ‘Higher Love’ (single to be released on 5th May 2014)

A Nottingham-based chanteuse/songwriter, Jaq Gallier actually started her musical path from her birth place of San Jose, California. She lent her vocals to various local acts as well as performing solo acoustic shows on indie college radio. Back in the late 90's, she hooked up with local producer Marc Jameson to create Kikiwest, triggering a bidding war and signing for a small fortune to London/FFRR.

After Kikiwest dissolved, Jaq developed her own sound into a mix of the ethereal, the reflective and the cinematic. Her music has been summarised courtesy of a quote from no lesser being than Lou Reed: “There's a bit of magic in everything and then some loss to even things out.” 

Melancholic yet richly melodic, her noir lullabies are destined to shimmer, her widescreen micro epics designed to spellbind.

“Jaq has the voice of an angel, a one-off talent.” - Alan McGee

MZ. MOXY - ‘Sugar’ (single to be released on 19th May 2014)

If Marc Bolan and Debbie Harry had a lovechild, she might sound like Mz. Moxy, an American singer, songwriter and musician residing in London. Born and raised in New Jersey, she is a shameless anglophile – and attributes her affliction to the following elements:

1. The early melodic discovery of Paul McCartney and Wings.

2. Crushing on John from the English Sci-Fi series The Tomorrow People.

3. Twiggy, the fashion icon.

Moxy specializes in short, catchy, retro-flavoured pop songs with a groovy beat. Lyrics are tongue-in-cheek, naughty and/or dark. Gibson guitars, Vox amps, Hammond Organs, tambourines and the occasional hand clap are all part of the sound. GoGo boots and 1960s mod mini-dresses are worn at all times.

Mz. Moxy is also the vocalist for the international anime hit Ben 10, which is seen in 187 countries, and 86 million homes in the United States alone. Moxy is apparently on former Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s iPod, as he revealed during his last year at number 10:

Mz. Moxy has self-funded her career with a harmless hustle - suing her friends (and being sued) on LA-based TV court shows, enduring the wrath of Judge Judy et al. Moxy also won $10K on a  TV game show. Other career highlights include: photographing Bill Clinton in the hysterical throws of laughter at her “Bill is Elvis” badge ( and carolling her Christmas song /Duran Duran cover ‘Hungry Like The Elf’ on Simon LeBon’s doorstep:

“Great Californian pop music with a dark sense of humour.” - Alan McGee

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