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As a long-time fan of Liverpool singer-songwriter Chris Grant, 359 Music’s label boss Alan McGee has made Chris Grant one of the first signings to his new label, and on 21st October Chris will finally release his debut album, ‘It’s Not About War!’

A Liverpudlian through and through, Chris Grant has always performed straight from his heart. "Chris's main preoccupation is writing big songs capturing northern innocence,” Alan McGee once commented. “It's a soulful escapism that eschews the hard man approach to songwriting. As with the best bands I've known, I get excited to hear his new songs and his musical progression. When Chris gets it right, his music transcends apathy.”

Chris says, “I have to thank Alan for believing in me; for believing, like I do, that I have what it takes to succeed. This album was recorded and produced by myself on an £80 broken computer. No one needs £100,000 anymore to record. Just be real - I am. I wanted to make that point to the majors and the world alike. I wanted to make a classic album in my garage and, in my opinion, I did it. Now Alan and 359 Music are releasing it. I’ve served my time on the side lines, but now I'm on the pitch.”

Alan first discovered Chris via MySpace back around 2007 when he was fronting his band The Grants. In due course, the group performed at McGee’s West London club night Death Disco. “Like me, Chris is a round peg in a square hole,” suggests Alan. “I would have signed Chris but I didn’t have a label. It’s taken half a decade for the planets to align and Chris has now recorded his debut album ‘It’s Not About War’, which is due out in October.”

“Chris could be one of the few artists in the history of Liverpool – after Echo and the Bunnymen and The La’s – to step out of the shadows of The Beatles,” claims Alan. “Why? His songwriting is equal that of Ocean Rain-era Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant, when the Bunnymen duo were writing unaffected, orchestrated, dark, paranoid and romantic songs. Echo and the Bunnymen and The Las’s created their own world and in every song from Chris, I hear Grant's world, too.”

As for the album title, Chris adds, “It's called ‘It's Not About War’ for loads of reasons. Most part because it never is, or should be.”

Chris’ forthcoming single ‘It’s You’ is a beautiful and direct song about personal affirmation. Released on 23rd September, it’s a perfect-world hit single.

Track Listing

1)    Our Story
2)    ‘I Am The One’
3)    ‘It’s You’
4)    ‘Pretty Mean’
5)    ‘Like A 45’
6)    ‘How Many Times’
7)    ‘Maybe Now’
8)    ‘Moonlit Wall’
9)    ‘Too Cool To Die’
10)    ‘Baby Pink’

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