Release date: December 4th

Record Label: Different Sound

Cat # DSDA151 (digital)

Cat # DSLP141 (vinyl)

Cat # DSC


Norwegian singer-songwriter NuBorg releases her debut album ‘Sliding Off The Edge of the World’ on 4th December 2015 on the Different Sound label.

‘Sliding Off The Edge of the World’ represents not only a labour of love but a triumph over adversity. Having battled an extremely rare immunological condition, the subsequent breakdown of NuBorg’s marriage meant raising her children as a single parent. Nuborg said, “There were many times I wondered if I would ever get to make this album, but what I’ve been through only served to provide me with all the determination and inspiration I needed - even if it took ten years of my life to achieve. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Mixing ambient electronica with classic songwriting, vocalist, songwriter and producer NuBorg (real name Gunhild Nyborg), released each of the album’s tracks as singles throughout 2014, including the life-affirming ‘You You’ (, the darkly atmospheric ‘One Day’ ( and the album’s brilliant title track (

Typified by a deft attention to detail, the cultivation of NuBorg’s ambient sound is characterized by haunting vocals, layers of atmospheric guitars by Bjørn C. Dreyer (Lene Marlin), Marius Reksjø’s (Beady Belle) sleek bass lines, drummer Erland Dahlen’s (Madrugada) heavy beats and guest guitarist Gildas Le Pape (Satyricon).

Influenced by the music of Massive Attack, Portishead, Kate Bush and Ultravox, among others, the songs featured on ‘Sliding Off The Edge of the World’ were written by NuBorg, with co-writes from multiplatinum selling UK songwriters Martin Sutton (Leann Rimes) and Christopher Neil (Celine Dion, Cher).

The album was produced and mixed by Odd Jensen and NuBorg, before being mastered by Morgan Nicolaysen and the late great Doug Sax (Pink Floyd, The Doors, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Paul McCartney, Al Jarreau, INXS, Sting).

NuBorg’s track-by-track guide to ‘Sliding Off The Edge Of The World’

Away With The Fairies: “This was written about two people failing to communicate on the same level, making it impossible to reach each other.”

Sliding Off the Edge of the World: “Written in Martin Sutton’s songwriting camp in Andalucía, Spain. Probably quite auto biographic. We were working on the song and Rich Norton, one of the co-writers, was sitting at the keyboard. His chair was very low, so sat on a big Moroccan cushion. But it slid off the chair, and he blurted out: “Hey, I’m sliding off the edge of the world here!" Then silence. All three looked at each other. That’s when we knew we had the title.”

You, You: “The message in this song is for people we love who are struggling, wanting them to know they are good enough, just as they are. Someone loves you, just as you are. Be true to yourself.”

Patagonia: “The song is inspired by the book “Vol de Nuit” (Night Flight) by Antoine Saint-Exupéry, the author of The Little Prince. Antoine was a pilot and the book is about two pilots flying a postal plane in the stormy night over Patagonia, south in Chile/Argentina, in the earliest days of commercial aviation, between the two world wars. The book is a psychological drama depicting the two pilots and their leader on the ground. In the end, the plane disappears in the night. The song is about courage and determination, and meeting your fate. There is only one pilot, flying alone, in the stormy night. In the verses/pre-choruses the pilot is flying straight into stormy clouds, coming at him at high speed, then at the choruses he’s suddenly above the clouds and in the quiet, black, starry night. Then in the instrumental the engine is struggling (lots of white noise from the guitar) and after the instrumental the plane is gone, symbolised by no guitar, only my singing.”

I Lie A Lot: “This song is about a prostitute meeting a client who wants the relationship to be more than just a financial arrangement.”

Inanna: “Inanna was a Sumerian goddess from around 5000 years back. She was one of the most powerful deities of this period. She was the goddess of love and war. The myth says that she was so powerful she was convinced she could conquer the underworld, where her sister reigned. But to enter the underworld she had to enter through seven gates. And for each one she had to leave one of the items she had with her. She left her sceptre, the pearls around her neck, and all her clothes. Finally, she stood naked in front of her sister sitting on her throne in the underworld. Her sister said “die”, and Inanna became a corpse. In order for Inanna to be saved by the gods, she had to find someone to take her place in the underworld. Everyone was crying over Inanna’s fate, except her lover, a shepherd who she had picked herself. He was eating grapes under a tree and enjoying himself. Inanna was so angry that he wasn’t crying over her that she sent him to replace her in the underworld for ever.”

Sparks: “Written on a cold November weekend in London. I was all alone and not in a happy place. This song just came to me while I was working on another song, so I had to get it down before I could anything else. It’s my most heartfelt song on the album.”

One Day: “I wrote this song with the album’s producer, Odd Jensen. The song is saying if we all learn to see the world with eyes that aren’t blurred by ourselves then maybe there’s still hope for the planet.”

A Slight Encounter (Will I Still Remember): “Sung by the songwriter Richard Watts, this is a song about having real and pure feelings towards someone who’s only briefly in your life.”





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