Shawn Jones - 'Struggle Makes You Stronger'

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Shawn Jones - 'Struggle Makes You Stronger'

Release Date: 25th February, 2013

Label: High Drive Records

Format: 1CD & Download


“Excellent mix of country, blues and soul for discerning and mature ears.” **** – Maverick magazine

Shawn Jones is the epitome of American Roots/Rock music. He has proven over time that he has an international appeal. He is true to form of his influences, spanning from all the greats in Rock, Rhythm & Blues, Jazz & Country.

His father raised him on Hank Williams, and he grew up in the outskirts of Los Angeles, where he learned from experience how to play and sing the blues. Since his late teens, Shawn has been working away, at times in excess of 200 dates a year, creating new fans and followers literally everywhere he performs.

With four studio albums and one live album under his belt, Shawn’s skills as a seasoned songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist have put him on the same bill with the likes of BB King, Buddy Guy, Bonnie Raitt, Robert Cray, Jimmie Vaughan, Willie Nelson, Leon Russell, Eric Johnson, Robben Ford, Derek Trucks, Little Feat, Joe Bonamassa, Taj Mahal, David Lindley, and others.

Waylon Jennings was also so impressed with his live performance that he took Jones under his wing, offering him the grand opportunity to play on his 1996 release "Right For The Time." Shawn was also Waylon's lead guitarist on Lollapalooza, and Willie's 4th of July Picnic.

Shawn’s third album, appropriately titled, “All In Good Time," was completed in the fall of 2005 with Grammy winning producer/engineer David Z.

In 2007 he played on country artist Deana Carter’s Vanguard Records release "The Chain", and to this day tours with her as her guitarist.

Shawn Jones' ability to combine undeniable guitar playing, singing, writing, and recording, coupled with heartfelt emotion, has earned him the slot as one of the most compelling new artists on today’s roots music scene.

Shawn’s new album, ‘Struggle Makes You Stronger’, finds the Ventura, CA-based bluesman ruminating on our need to stop and smell the roses (Life Is For The Living), fortitude (Struggle Makes You Stronger; Running Water), and the age-old topics of love (Sweet Victoria; Bittersweet Love; Yours To Lose) and relationships (Day Without Rain; Long As I’ve Got You).

The album’s release comes in the wake of extensively touring the UK and Ireland, as well as appearing at major music festivals, where Shawn created a buzz on the blues rock scene, collecting rave reviews and radio airplay along the way.

Further UK tour dates and festival appearances will be announced shortly.

Struggle Makes You Stronger: Song Synopsis

Life Is For The Living (S. Jones/J. Silbar)
“This is a song about the celebration of the idealistic life. Slowing down for a moment and appreciating! Something that in this day and age can be a very difficult thing to do. The music is upbeat and has a hooky melody that creates a real carefree vibe.”

Struggle Makes You Stronger (S. Jones/J. Carter)
“This was the first of many songs written by my buddy and co-writer Jeff Carter and myself. Both Jeff and I felt this was an age-old expression that everyone could relate with. Both of our fathers reiterated to us, “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Ironically both our pops have since passed on and it’s just another reason why it’s the CD title and such a meaningful song for me to sing.”

She Don’t Know (‘Bout Her Own Mojo) (S. Jones/J. Silbar)
“My favourite kind of woman! A down-home girl that is a natural beauty and doesn’t realize the effect she has on everyone. The music has a sexy rockin’ vibe to it that I think matches the lyric and makes it a really fun song to play.”

Day Without Rain (S. Jones/J. Carter)
“Relationships no matter how perfect of a match they are aren’t easy. We get caught up in the day to day and sometimes lose focus of the bigger picture. I felt ”Day Without Rain” was a strong metaphor for a break from the challenges life brings us. It’s also a great song to listen to on a rainy day!”

Runnin’ Water (S. Jones/J. Carter)
“I’m a big fan of southern rock. “Runnin’ Water” has a very “southern” feel to it. The lyric reflects the fact that no matter what we do life does what it does. At the end of the day we really have no choice but to roll with it. It’s kind of the “Anthem” of the record as well.”

Lonesome Road (S. Jones/J.Silbar)
“The day after opening for blues legend Robert Cray, my co-writer, Jeff Silbar and I got together and wrote the lyrics to this song and the next day we recorded it. We are both into Rockabilly music and this song was what I needed to bridge the gap between all the influences on this “guitar heavy” record. Robert Cray’s drummer, Tony Braunagel does a really cool “retro” treatment on it as well. This track has already received a lot of airplay on radio stations across Ireland and Northern Ireland.”

Sweet Victoria (S. Jones/J. Silbar)
“Laid back, west coast vibe. Lyrically it’s reflecting back on a romantic time and when combined with the music creates some nice imagery. Basically, this song was the best part of that experience. Live and learn…”
Bittersweet Love Affair (S. Jones)

“I wrote this song at a time when I cared for someone more than they cared for me. The lyric is about professing your love and being unsure of how the other person’s feeling. It’s got a real groovy R&B acoustic feel to it.”

Long As I’ve Got You (S. Jones)
“This is a very personal song for me. I almost didn’t put it on the record. I was touring in Ireland when I got a call from my sister that my mother had taken ill and was in the hospital. I flew home and cancelled my tour to be with her. I wrote this song from the parking lot while she was in intensive care. When it comes down to it, relationships are the most important thing we have in this life.”

Yours to Lose (S. Jones/J. Silbar)
“This song is a nice way of conveying the sentiment “you better treat me right or I’m outta here!” Having enough courage to profess your love to someone, but enough self-respect to walk away if things aren’t right. The guitar work on this track was a lot of fun and combines a telecaster and a 12 string. Fun to record but challenging!”

Time To Make A Change (S. Jones/J. Carter)
“It’s a song that’s a combination of observation and insight. In this tune we’ve created a scenario in regard to relationships with family and others. It’s basically about having the strength to create change and recognise the value of those that love you.”

Learn to Be Strong (S. Jones)
“When I wrote this song I was fleshing out my feelings about myself and others’ perception of me. It’s kind of a self-affirmation, if you will. I hope this song helps others believe in themselves and not question what they hold true. There simply isn’t enough time for self-doubt. My solo in this one is my little tribute to the late guitar legend George Harrison, one of the most under-rated guitarists of our time…”

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