The Dark Sinatras - 'Sick Society'

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The Dark Sinatras - 'Sick Society'

RELEASE DATE: 11th June 2012

Label: Defectoscope Sounds

Format: 1CD album & Digital download

Catalogue No. IPD002CD

The eagerly awaited debut album from this exciting band is due for release on the 11th June with a live performance at a launch party at the Old Vic Tunnels, Waterloo on Wednesday June 13th.

The Dark Sinatras’ unique sound, sometimes ominous and sinister, sometimes tinged with ethnic theatre, was originally forged in the cold, unforgiving clime of Russia’s punk clubs and watering holes where songwriter, guitarist and singer Mark White performed. Mark met Eduard Laubinger, a Kazakhstani gypsy drummer, at a free jazz recording session at Mosfilm Studios in Moscow in 2006.

During his time in Russia Mark also undertook several other projects in the role of artist/producer including the recording of Tuvan Throat Singers in an endeavour to explore different soundscapes. Also during this time Mark collaborated with independent film maker Yaroslav Dobronravov which resulted in a number of independent films including a video for the new band; The Dark Sinatras.

After his return to England, Mark was having some tracks mixed at Hook End Manor by sound engineers Bradley Spence and Charley Russell, when he was introduced to bass maestro Paul Turner. A natural rapport between them was soon established and an exciting sound was forged, prompting a week-long recording session, once more at Hook End Manor.

The resulting recordings are a highly inflammable mix of new songs and some of Mark’s earlier compositions. Paul’s hard funk sound meshes perfectly with Eduard, and the trio take Mark's compositions into uncharted waters.

This live studio recording, “Sick Society”, with engineer Alex Beitzke at the console and singer Tallulah Rendell on backing vocals, is the result of the band’s efforts.

A series of live appearances is now underway offering the rock world a chance to experience the drama and power of The Dark Sinatras at first hand.

‘Sick Society’: Album Track Listing:

1. The Cooler
2. 10 Inches
3. The Power Of Tradition
4. Face To Face
5. Absolution
6. Governing Body
7. Local Treason
8. Of No Consequence
9. IPD
10. Motion Sickness
11. Three Shades Of Empty
12. Ridiculous
13. Optimus
14. The Sins Of Ignorance
15. No Measure

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