The Union - 'The World Is Yours'

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The Union - 'The World Is Yours'

RELEASE DATE: 4th March 2013





On 4th March 2013, award winning British duo The Union will release their third album, ‘The World Is Yours’, preceded by a 10-date UK tour starting on 13th February.

The release of „The World Is Yours" comes hot on the heels of The Union's last album, „Siren's Song', receiving a nomination for „Album Of The Year' at Classic Rock Magazine's 2012 „Roll of Honour Awards'.

The Union was formed by guitarist Luke Morley and vocalist/guitarist Peter Shoulder after Luke's twenty-year career with Thunder came to an end in 2009. Peter Shoulder was the vocalist, songwriter and musical rudder of Winterville. In 2006 he won The W.C Handy Blues Foundation award, presented to him in Memphis for co-writing the American Blues Song of the Year, „Think of Me'. The song was performed by blues legend Little Milton. At the time of winning, there were only two other British artists to have received that particular award, the others being Eric Clapton and Peter Green.

The Union's eponymous debut album was released in August 2010 to acclaim from both fans and the critics, and saw the band end the year on a high when they were voted „Best New Band' at the Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards, where they celebrated in style by performing live to a hall packed with rock royalty.
2011 saw the band tour with the recently reformed Thin Lizzy and Whitesnake on their respective UK tours, as well as a successful first foray into Europe as the special guests of Belgian rockers Triggerfiunger, before releasing their celebrated second album „Siren's Song'.

When it came to recording „The World Is Yours', The Union decamped to Walton Castle. Luke Morley said, “We've used Walton Castle as a writing location on all our albums so far so we thought it'd be good to record there, too. We set up a temporary control room in one of the turrets and took advantage of all the great sounding rooms. The place has a unique vibe that really suits us ”.

Released on 4th March, „The World Is Yours' is set to further enhance The Union's reputation as one of the finest rock bands in the UK today.

The Union's UK tour dates are as follows:
13 February 2013 - Manchester - Academy 3
14 February 2013 - Glasgow - The Cathouse
15 February 2013 - Ballymena, The Diamond Rock Club
17 February 2013 - Newcastle, O2 Academy Newcastle
18 February 2013 - Leeds, The Cockpit
19 February 2013 - Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
21 February 2013 - London, Islington O2 Academy
22 February 2013 - Newport, Steelhouse Club
23 February 2013 - Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton
24 February 2013 - Bristol, The Fleece

The World Is Yours – Song-by-Song synopsis:

‘You’re My Jesus’
Luke: „For everything good, there must be something bad and vice-versa. A big, dirty groove.' Pete: “Trouble and evil are forever lurking in the shadows. This was the last song to be written for the album, right before we started recording. I'm glad we got it in time. “

‘Tonight I’m Alive’
Luke: „All about somebody who goes to the middle of nowhere to find redemption. Sometimes you have to forgive yourself. Really pleased with the Byrds-ish, 12-string jangly vibe in this tune.' Pete: “We were going for a bit of a sixties vibe on this one. The original idea came about down at Walton Castle then we finished it off in Wales where we'd rented a place to write and make demos”

‘Fading Out Of Love’
Luke: „Pete doing what he does best. A full on, soulful, bluesy ballad.' Pete: “Sometimes it's better to burn out than fade away”

‘The World Is Yours’
Luke: „I suppose this is really about our responsibility to our fellow man and realizing that always keeping a bigger slice of the pie for yourself will end badly for everybody. Greed definitely isn't good. A monster riff that drives the whole song on relentlessly.' Pete: “I found the riff for this in the voice memos on my phone. I'd recorded it and forgotten all about it! I'd come up with it when we were on tour in Holland at the start of 2011, doing some writing on a day off. I mustn't have thought it was very good at the time or else it would have ended up on "Siren's Song". I discovered it months later when i was listening through to all the song ideas I had recorded on my phone and thought it was pretty cool. I must check my voice memos more often!”

‘To Say Goodbye’ Pete: “A song about losing someone close to you and the emotions that come along with having to say goodbye forever.”

‘The Perfect Crime’
Luke: „Smooth-talking lothario catches an admiring glance from married woman and attempts to seduce her. All good, clean fun.'
Pete: “Samba rock!!

‘Tangled Up In You’ Pete: “I wrote this a few years ago. It was meant for a solo album I was thinking of making. I made a demo of it at the time which was more acoustic based. We decided to stick some electric guitars on it, speed it up and change it to a higher key.”

‘Lost To The Wind’
Luke: „This looks through the eyes of a young person who is losing an elderly relative to dementia. Not an easy thing to write about but somebody had to do it so it might as well be us. A simple song with a very complicated time signature.' Pete: “About Alzheimer's and dementia. This song has been around for a while. We actually wrote it for the first album but it didn't make it on there for whatever reason. Then we recorded it at Rockfield on the "Siren's Song" sessions but we felt it didn't live up to the original demo version we'd recorded. We always thought it had something about it so in the end we just got Dave to play over the demo and voila!! That's the finished version.”

‘What Doesn’t Kill You’
Luke: „Everybody has their price but not everybody knows what they're worth. Sometimes however it's worth paying someone's price just to make them go away.' Pete: “Quite a trippy song, Zeppelin meets the Beatles.”

‘Marie Celeste’ Pete: “Banjo blues! Quite an eerie little track. The anvil type sound you hear in the chorus is me hitting a metal pole with a hammer I found down at Walton Castle. There's also the sound of Dave dropping a metal chain on a wooden floor.”

‘Wreck My Scene’:
Luke: „Aaaaggghhhhh!!!! Pure aggression from Pete. Too much coffee I think.' Pete: “I wanted to write something really fast and aggressive. About losers who blame everyone else for their problems.”

‘This Is A London Song’:
Luke: „It's about time somebody wrote a song that wasn't about an American city so we have.'

‘You Can Share My Dreams’:
Luke: „A simple, three-minute love song. Beautiful lap steel from Pete.' Pete: “A beautiful love song by Luke.”

‘Sawtooth Mountain Ride’:
Luke: “Inspired by our participation in Childline Rocks' fundraising Harley Davison ride through British Columbia, Montana and Idaho. We were lucky enough to see the kind of scenery that you never, ever forget and this came out of that experience. Pete added mandolin and we ended up with a rambling, pastoral instrumental.”

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