James Henry - Overspill

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James Henry- Overspill - album sleeve artwork.jpg‘OVERSPILL’

Release date: 6th June 2011

Record label: Jahenca Records

Format: 1CD album & Digital Download

Catalogue number: CDJHL005

Counting the likes of Mike Nesmith and the B52’s Cindy Wilson as fans, Liverpudlian singer-songwriter James Henry returns with another superb collection of keenly observed vignettes about contemporary life on his new album, ‘Overspill’.

“You could call it a ‘Kop opera’,” says James, in his broad Scouse accent. “But ‘Overspill’ isn’t just about Liverpool. The album is essentially about the universal underdog, struggling to survive in a modern economy, for whom the phrase “boom and bust” has no real meaning in the permanent scramble for mere existence.”

James’ observational skills were honed from a young age. After absorbing life in a hometown that was no stranger to economic austerity, when it came to writing the songs for ‘Overspill’ he was overwhelmed by a sense of history repeating itself.
However, while reflecting on the struggles many face in today’s fragmented society, the album’s heavy lyrical disposition is juxtaposed by an unashamedly upbeat musicality. James’ bitter-sweet melodies are complimented by a striking guitar style that chimes with a soulful sophistication throughout, echoing shades of McCartney, Paul Simon and 10cc.

In what is already promising to be an exciting year for James, the single ‘The Sun Is Cracking The Flags’ (which can be seen at www.jameshenry.net), had its accompanying video directed by the recently Oscar nominated filmmaker, Ernesto Herrmann.

With some well overdue attention from UK national radio beckoning, ‘Overspill’ is set to become the 2011 breakthrough album for James Henry.