Download - JAMIE HARTMAN - 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' - Press Pack
Jamie Hartman - Happy New Year - single sleeve artwork.jpgBen’s Brother singer-songwriter Jamie Hartman returns to the spotlight with new single ‘Happy New Year’. Released on December 18th, it is the first single under his own name.

Contemplating triumph, failure and reflection, ‘Happy New Year’ precedes the release of the BMI Award winner and Ivor Novello Award Nominee’s new album, ‘III’, which is due for release in February, 2012.

The album’s title not only represents the third studio album of Jamie’s career, but also symbolizes life as a family since the birth of his daughter in March 2011.

Having moved to the US in 2010 and shrugging off his moniker for previous albums ‘Beta-Male Fairytales’ and ‘Battling Giants’, Jamie wrote the tracks for ‘III’ at his new home in the remote national park of Topanga Canyon and at his small recording studio, located in the back room of a shoe warehouse in Santa Monica.

Amongst the changes and challenges of his new life and new family, Jamie has continued to write. While working on ‘III’, Jamie also found time to collaborate with many of today’s top acts. Since moving to America a year ago to build on his considerable success in the UK, he has spent time working with the Goo Goo Dolls, American Idols, recently chart topping Jessica Sutta of the Pussycat Dolls, and many other artists from around the world.

In an intensely personal album, the impact of Jamie’s experiences in America influences the subject matter for several of the album’s tracks. Songs like American Hope highlight the modern dilemmas of a constantly shrinking world and the struggles of the humans within it.

With such profound changes to both his personal and professional life, Jamie’s unique voice, idiosyncratic songs and pop sensibilities are now infused with a more spiritual and gospel influence, as he questions his belief in himself, his God and those around him. Jamie said, “I moved out to this remote place, and just waited and waited until the inspiration came. This is the album I’ve always wanted to make. Totally honest and unafraid of what people might think. Being cut off from everything you know forces you to question everything. I had my 40 days and nights in the wilderness. III is the result of that.”

While it may be the end for Ben’s Brother, Jamie Hartman’s star continues to shine brightly for the latest chapter of his career – and it begins with ‘Happy New Year’.



Jamie Hartman will be back in the UK from Dec 1st, and is available for selected interviews.