Camille O'Sullivan - Changeling

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Camille O'Sullivan - Changeling

Release date: August 13th 2012

Little Cat Records

Distribution: Proper Music Distribution

Cat # LC01


"Camille is one of the most original female voices of the last ten years. Her voice is astonishing and she's one of the great live performers ever to come from Ireland, and that list is a long one." - Gary Lightbody, Snow Patrol

Camille O’Sullivan releases ‘Changeling’ on 13th August 2012, an album of interpretations of some well-known and some not so well known songs, by the likes of Radiohead, Nick Cave and Arcade Fire, as well as 3 original songs, one penned especially for Camille by Gary Lightbody.

Released on her own label Little Cat, the album was recorded over a two-year period, firstly in Exchequer Studio, Dublin (with Brian Crosby, ex Bell X1, playing and engineering) and secondly in Sun Studio and Bunker Studio, Australia. Camille produced the album along with long term collaborator and MD Feargal Murray and band member Eanna Hickey. It was mixed and mastered in Miloco Studios, London by Bryan Wilson (Florence and the Machine, Arcade Fire) and Mandy Parnell (Faithless, Bjork, Goldfrapp).

Up until now, Camille has released live albums but this is her first proper studio album. It has come about mainly from fans asking about recordings of show favourites such as “Ship Song”, “Hurt” and “Wake Up”.

As a singer and performer, Camille has always been drawn to narrative songs, the love of the song and story-telling. Talking about the choice of songs on the album Camille says: “Not being a singer-songwriter, but a performer, you have to love the song and make it your own - not to cover it but - but to interpret it. Like when I’m on stage, inhabit it! I pick songs for a live show to be chameleon on stage, showing/exploring different aspects of myself and the songs - fragility, toughness, sadness, fun and anger. The show is very varied, and can go to a very dark place but also I just have fun and enjoy the music. Most songs are chosen due to an obsession with the song and being moved by the original - finding a way that I can make it my own - like actress with a monologue”.

And on self-producing Camille says: “After trying different producers, we never felt we were going down the same route we had created on stage (but wanted to bring further in studio). So, we decided that as Feargal, Eanna and I had worked together for years on the road, we should try and give it a go. I tend to be hands on when directing the stage shows or how songs are arranged so it made sense for us. Feargal is classically trained with a masters in composition from Goldsmith. He is seen as the Angel in the music whilst Eanna (barrister by day) is the Devil”.

On Touring, Camille says: “I’ve been touring for years now mostly singing Cave/Waits/Brel/ but also acting (RSC) and film work (Mrs Henderson Presents directed by Stephen Frears). In the midst of all this, we somehow managed to get on Later with Jools Holland, and subsequently supported him at the Royal Albert Hall. Over the last few years I’ve done my own shows in New York, Sydney Opera House and London, including 6 weeks at the West End, Royal Festival Hall and Roundhouse, as well as 8 years at Edinburgh Fringe Festival”.

‘Changeling’ Track Listing:

1 REVELATOR (Welch/Rawlings)
2 TRUE LOVE WAITS (Yorke/Greenwood/Greenwood)
3 WAKE UP (Butler/Chassagne/parry/Kingsbury/Butler)
5 ALL THE WORLD IS GREEN (Tom Waits/Kathleen Brennan)
7 HURT (Reznor)
8 NUDE (Yorke/Greenwood/Greenwood)
9 U GIVE ME EVERYTHING (Feargal Murray/ Matthew Linley)
10 IT JUST WON’T DO(Eanna Hickey)
11 THESE DAYS (Gary Lightbody)
12 DARK ROMAN WINE (Lightbody/Jacknife)
13 THE SHIP SONG (Nick Cave)

‘Changeling’ live dates:

4th August - Assembly Rooms, George St, Edinburgh (Edinburgh Fringe)
5th August - Assembly Rooms, George St, Edinburgh (Edinburgh Fringe)
6th August - Assembly Rooms, George St, Edinburgh (Edinburgh Fringe)
7th August - Assembly Rooms, George St, Edinburgh (Edinburgh Fringe)
28th August - Priceless London Wonderground, Southbank Centre
29th August - Priceless London Wonderground, Southbank Centre
31st August - Priceless London Wonderground, Southbank Centre
1st Sept. - Priceless London Wonderground, Southbank Centre